Humans were created in an instant, no evolution, no gradiated locution; it happened in an instant. Whatever was before, if there was a before, was instantly transmogrified by the onrushing glossolaeia, the diarrhea of the mouth. They were not, then they were. Other interesting postulates include the Stoned Ape theory, whereby an ape ate psylocibin mushrooms and was able to then 'make the jump' to human cultutral abstraction. I'd wager the onrushing glossoaeia was intense like a psychedelic experience, like overlooked organs in your body becoming sentient and forcefully ejecting from your mouth.

Here in this scenario humanity is equated with language, at the moment an unescapable hypothesis, i don't like it personally, but it seems unavoidable. The first language spewed forth from heavy gut with ectoplasmic color-tinted translucence. It followed a biological imperative, akin to vomiting or orgasm. That is, the overall sense of the body is overwhelmed by those very senses becoming overloaded.

Enough about language, for now: 'As a friend may turn into an enemy by unfortunate words, an enemy may become a friend by nice words'. -Picatrix, paraphrasing Plato.

Regardless of the psychosocialbiologic dynamic properties, neuralogics as the contemporaries would have it, it emerged.

Humans were born then, in a flash.

Some part of me thinks, erroneously, that they had already setup the social structures necessary for humanity but it was only language that was needed to ignite the bonfire. In effect it was more like that humans were dropped onto this earth from another place. Panspermia*, yet instead of the seeds it was the humans fully formed. This implies other place having developed the means to do so, and doing it, and/or there are other places where this has occured, same as on Earth.

Regardless I am envisaging a hazy view reflected off an obsidian mirror.

*The Panspermic seeding beings have been identified from hallucinogenic reports as Reptilian dinosaur-like beings, shooting protoplasmic jism across the cosmos, unknown if it was a shotgun blast scattershot approach, or a more targeted operation.*

Humans and humanity were created all at once. Essentially that means that, no matter the time frame and our perceived notions of technological and hence cultural levels of complexity, they were no different from us, from our contemporaneous existence. Every known and unknown society in the history of the earth was no different and utterly alien to ourselves, just the same as everyone you know and don't know today. Or to your own consciousness.

This means that, despite our perceptions of a linear, or complexifying societal buildup, the same impulses and logic/rationality exists from the beginning (see Levi-Strauss). Every 'primitive' society, studied from the point of view of 'civilization', throughout recorded history (which is civilization) are the break-away factions or remnants of another civilization. They are not be compared to an older strata in geological terms. And this has gone on this way from the beginning.

Now this leads to the question of a more delicate evolutionalism of what those original humans started with, civilization or anti-civilization. Or if there existed equal measures of both and it alone remained to chaos and perhaps Chance what developed first. But, no matter, it is a 2-sided coin, an inherent struggle in the person, society, itself that works out.

Our only evidence is trash, middens, the rubble that was left behind, destroyed, eaten or plundered and rebuilt, that tells anything archaeologically about the past. Ethnographers and cultural anthropologists reassemble the building blocks that can correlate with this refuse.

And so it is assumed that before the remnants of the first metropolises (Catal Huyuk, etc..) humans were hunter-gatherers, a more primitive society. Gobekli Tepe has thrown much confusion on this because there is a mixture of monumental building and refuse (and a time frame) that belies the hunter-gatherer.

Peoples were farming much earlier than this, and yet their societies were not necessarily stratified like the later Middle East or East.

We have no idea.

I am not advocating some mythical Atlantean civilization before the great floods like Hancock or others.

There were many civilizations and many primitives before this to be sure.

It seems the sheep and wheat were first. Sheep were docile and offered foremost wool and milk, then their meat. Wool is interesting because it would be used for fabric: clothes, blankets, etc... This implies the potential of it spun, and if so a kind of loom, and felted, the technology of water and a shallow container and grid. Either way it implies hard science: the grid, binaries, etc... Spun clothing is interesting because the feeble remnants we have of them to place a time frame on, and DNA studies of the flea, suggests at least 40,000 BCE. But clothing would have been born, fully formed, when the language emerged as well. There were hunted animal hides, sinews for thread, tree bark, all types of non-domesticated plant matter.

The sheep also implies the shepherd, the nomic herder lifestyle. The shepherd implies the flute...