therefore it is that all thoughts of the past are projections of the present, as are all of the future.

And the present is not some Buddhist state of Present Being, but a collision between these two opposing projections...

I take from Anthropology the biases and trappings of an evolutionary schema, that we started (at the beginning of humanity) as an amoeba and evolved to a multi-cellular organism, ape->hunter-gatherer->herder->agriculturalist->industrialism. This view, just as in the origins of Buddhism, is a reaction to civilization. Industrialization on one hand and Vedic society on the other. Soft Science and Religion. It would've been more honest if we approached the hunter-gatherer societies still extant in the late 19th/early 20th century as enemies, like the cruel Friars who assisted or led the destruction of the First nations by quite literally seeing the Devil in their ways. They had no qualms about their apparent primitiveness, for that was irrelevant than who saw the Devil's ways as an almost technologic futurism.

It was more a matter of stopping the future for them.

And if we take this line of thought, that of a priori rejecting the whole category of the Evolution of societies from simple to complex, and instead treating them as competing forces of the State and those of the Anti-State, then we can begin to feel our present in a new light. We are not at an Apex of civilization. Things are incessantly instigating it's breakdown. Accelerationists believe we can ride this wave or encourage the inevitable collapse. Civil War is always ready