Did it begin in '45 after the Trinity detonation?

Jornada del Muerto

Did we get someonething else's attention?

Did it begin with the transistor? in the 50's?

Did what begin?

Began with a wave

Planck and black body radiation

That other guy who had PK events in the lab

Famous equations <||{8^~~x9))

uncertain situations

The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator has been an origin source for the current work. In some adderall mania I had the idea of a wavetable oscillator synth that used as waves, instead of the standard triangle-square-sine, etc..., the solutions to the quantum harmonic oscillator eigenstates. After much fumbling I found real number solutions to the firstsix eigenstates: 0 thru 5. After hearing them I was both disappointed and comforted: what I heard were mellow, sine/organ-like tones. I then proceeded to modulate them with the same QHO's as LFO's.

What has led to the current work

Kurbits in Olympos x is a somewhat ham-fisted model of sound-shaping recursion, QHO's at all levels of the sound: oscillators, modulators, amplitude, all the way up to macro time event scales, as longer time frame events are triggered by the probability amplitudes of much slower QHO's. This has now led to a more in-depth exploration of chance (randomness).

I have always been wary of chance, in the Play Square (see Caillous). Competition-Chance-Theater-Vertigo. I have always ideologically been drawn to Vertigo...